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Yasmin Ghasiri is a Los Angeles based actor, and native of Southern California, growing up in Orange County. From an early age Yasmin was interested in the magic of imagination and make believe. Though she didn't know the term for what she wanted to be was "actor", she's always wanted to become a part of every movie she watched as a child.


She was first introduced to "acting" in middle school. After being involved with theatre through high school, she attended The Claire Trevor School of the Arts at the University of California, Irvine to further her theatre studies. During her time at university, she discovered her love for film acting, lighting design, dance, and criminology.


Yasmin decided to further film acting studies outside of university, instead taking advantage of UC Irvine's prestigious dance department, and excellent lighting design program. After trying out several film-acting programs, Yasmin was accepted into world renowned Joanne Barron/D.W. Brown Acting Studio, where she completed their two year program in July.

Yasmin is also a writer currently working on a producer with a pilot film, two short films, and a book.










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